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About Pulse Pilates


Since opening in October 2004, Pulse Pilates has grown to be a highly respected provider of Pilates and Rehabilitation.

Pulse Pilates are specialists in:

– Private Studio Sessions

– Injury Rehabilitation

– Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

– Peak Performance

– Pre/Post Natal Care

– Knee/Hip Replacement Rehabilitation


Sarah Burrows

With a life-long interest in dance, Sarah originally trained as a professional classical dancer. After an injury ruled out a career in ballet, she turned to Pilates for rehabilitation. The effectiveness of the sessions inspired her to pursue a career in Pilates.

Upon completion of her Diploma in Dance Performance, Sarah travelled overseas to train in the STOTT PILATES™ method. Upon her return, Sarah opened Pulse Pilates in 2004.

Sarah is a fully certified STOTT PILATES™ instructor.

“I enjoy helping people to re-discover their ability to move their bodies freely, without pain and stiffness. I have seen so many clients empowered by Pilates – reducing pain and giving them back their freedom. It is a very rewarding career.”

Her areas of speciality include the rehabilitation of back pain, recovery from hip and knee injury/surgery, diaphragm and pelvic floor function, and pre/post-natal Pilates.

Sarah has a special interest in Pilates for Dancers.


From the professional athlete to the weekend sports enthuasist- our highly trained instructors will tailor a programme specific to your posture and sporting needs.

Our sessions focus on conditioning and strengthening stabilising muscles, whilst developing more mobility and flexibility in tight areas.  Using Pilates, we are able to focus on the movements and activities that are particular to your sport.  We are able to analyse these in the smallest detail, retrain any abnormalities, perfect them, and put them back together again.

For the injured athlete, Pilates is an ideal form of rehabilitation.  Utilising the Pilates equipment provides a low impact environment, where we are able to support your injury.  We can slowly help you to regain strength and mobility in both the injured area and surrounding muscles, easing individuals into full weight bearing activities, without stress or overload.


Pulse Pilates specialises in Pilates tailored specifically for dancers.  Our programme aims to help to:

–    Improve Dance technique
–    Retrain movement patterns
–    Increase understanding of how the body works
–    Prevent injuries
–    Rehabilitate from injury
–    Prepare the young dancer for the rigors of the dance world.

Our Dance programme is available in the studio utilising the larger Pilates equipment, and caters for all forms of Dance.  Pilates is an ideal complement to dance training, with the focus on strengthening the deep support muscles, and balancing all muscle groups.


Our aim is to educate the young dancer, whilst developing strength and flexibility where needed.  We hope to give our dance students the tools to know how to get the most out of their bodies, whilst protecting themselves from injury.


If you are injured, or returning from surgery, we are able to work in with the relevent medical professionals to rehabilitate and strengthen you for your return to the dance studio.  Utilising the Pilates equipment provides a low impact environment, where we are able to support your injury.
We can slowly help you to regain strength and mobility in both the injured area and surounding muscles, easing individuals into full weight bearing activties, without stress or overload.


We are also available to bring our Dance-specific workshops to your dance studio.
Workshops available include:
–  Basic Pilates for Dance
–  Developing Turnout
–  Preparation and Strength for Pointe work

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